Published: 16 September 2015

[6.00 p.m.]



Ms FORREST (Murchison) (by leave) - Mr President, I move -

That the reporting date for the Joint Select Committee on Preventative Health Care be extended until Thursday 31 March 2016.






When the motion was first moved to reestablish this committee in this place, I had had discussions with the lower House members who were potentially going to be on the committee and also the Minister for Health at the time, and they agreed with no date.  It does present some challenges having a date; you never know how long a committee is going to take to undertake its work.  Some issues can be more complicated than others.  One of the challenges of a joint House committee is getting a quorum and particularly members from the other place always being available.  This has been a constant challenge.  This committee has been quite good in getting a quorum as opposed to the previous one.


When the motion was put in this place, initially there was no date put in it, very deliberately, and as I understood, on agreement with the other place.  However, it must have been in my absence that a date was put onto that motion and returned to this place.  I must have been away at the time or in my office and did not hear it hit the deck, and I did not have the opportunity to speak against it at the time.  I could not find a reference to it but here we are.


The motion came back from the lower House with a date on it which we will have to exceed because we have not finalised our report yet.  That is the reason why I am seeking to extend the date to the end of March 2016.  We will not be back until then after the Christmas break, with further opportunity should we need it.  I do not imagine we will, but should we need it, that will be another opportunity.




Motion agreed to.




Ms FORREST - Mr President, I move -




That a message be transmitted to the House of Assembly requesting its concurrence therein.




Motion agreed to.

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