Published: 28 October 2021

 Legislative Council, Thursday 28 October, 2021


1. Are there currently any density limits for parents and visitors attending school assemblies, award presentations and events such as carnivals to enable all parents who wish to attend to do so;

2. If so, are any changes to density limits to be made when the States reaches fully vaccinated rates of, 70%, 80% and 90%?


1. At present, under Public Health Direction (Management of Premises – No 13) density limits do apply for parents and visitors attending school assemblies, award presentations and events such as carnivals.

Where these activities are defined as day-to-day operations (including assemblies) or end of year functions held on Department of Education sites, the number of parents and visitors who may attend is calculated by taking away the space students take up, and then applying the 2 metre square density rule to the remaining space to arrive at the total number permitted.

Where assemblies or end of year activities are held ‘off site’ at hired venues, then the density rules for that venue must applied, including students in the total.

For events such as carnivals that are open to the broader community, these need to be planned and managed in accordance with the State Government Framework for COVID-19 Safe Events and Activities in Tasmania. Density limits may apply based on the nature of the event as detailed by the Framework.

Where visitor numbers are limited due to density requirements, schools (and other sites) may make decisions on attendance prioritising their immediate school communities.

I would like to thank in advance any community members who would previously have attended such activities for their understanding if density requirements prevent their attendance under current Public Health advice.

2. Decisions on density limits are made by Public Health. The Department of Education adheres to Public Health advice in regard to activities across all Department sites.

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