Published: 24 June 2021

Legislative Council Wednesday 23 June, 2021



What are the vaccination rates, actual numbers and relevant percentages broken down by partly vaccinated (received first dose and fully vaccinated (received both doses) for:

• Residents of residential aged care;
• Older Tasmanians who are recipients of Aged Home Care packages, living at home;
• Aged care workers;
• People living with disability in Tasmania;
• Disability workers;
• Health care workers;
• Workers engaged in frontline border control measures and quarantine;
• Other frontline workers;
• Tasmanians over 50 years of age;
• Tasmanians under 50 years of age who are eligible to receive the vaccine?


1 I have been informed that by 11 June 2021, all aged care facilities in Tasmania will have been visited by Aspen Medical who have been contracted by the Federal Government to deliver this service. All residents who were present at the time of the first visit to the facility will have been offered a first and second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

I can advise that as of 5 June 2021, 10,665 vaccine doses had been administered in aged care facilities by the Commonwealth, including first and second doses.
Between the first vaccination on 23 February 2021 and the end 15 June 2021, over 86,709 vaccines were administered in State Government clinics, including 62,370 first doses and 24,339 second doses.

In total, over 179,000 vaccines have been administered across Tasmania, including Aged Care and Primary Health.

All frontline health workers, quarantine and border workers have been offered the opportunity to be vaccinated.

People living with disability in Tasmania are being offered vaccination in one of the following ways:

• Those who are able to access a state-run clinic, or visit their GP, have been encouraged to do so.
• Those living in Support Living arrangements (group homes) where there are two or more residents, are currently being visited by Aspen Medical, under contract from the Commonwealth.

• The Tasmanian Vaccination Emergency Operation Centre (TVEOC) is working with service providers to establish vaccination hubs for people with disability who are not included in the Aspen Medical contract.

• TVEOC is working with service providers to identify those for whom a home visit will be necessary.

All Aged Care workers and Disability workers have been invited to make independent arrangements at a state-run clinic or their GP. Some may be vaccinated at their workplace as part of the Aspen Medical contract.

There is currently no visibility or breakdown of numbers available as to how many workers have taken this opportunity.
As at 6 June 2021 103,202 Tasmanians aged 50 and over have received dose 1 (43.6%), and 11,968 have received dose 2 (5.1%).
As at 6 June 2021, 23,175 Tasmanians under the age of 50 have received dose 1 (9.6%), and 12,562 have received dose 2 (5.2%).

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