Published: 24 June 2021

Legislative Council Wednesday 23 June, 2021



1. Has the uptake of the QR code check in been monitored:

a. If so,

i. how are the compliance checks made;
ii. how often are checks (either scheduled or random) conducted; and
iii. what is the compliance rates with the implementation;

b. If not, will monitoring be undertaken;

2. Has there been any monitoring of compliance of patrons regarding check in requirements;

3. What training/advice is provided to all staff in premises required to us the QR code check in app, to enhance compliance;

4. Will the requirement be extended to all retail to maximise effect of contact tracing should Tasmania experience a COVID outbreak;
Answered by: Hon. Leonie Hiscutt, Leader of Government


1 & 2. Yes the uptake of the QR code is being monitored. As at 15 June 2021 the total number of registered venues was 19,418. There had been 527,000 Check in TAS app downloads and almost 5.2 million check-ins using the app.
Use of Check in TAS (CIT) is required under the Public Health Direction - Contact Tracing (the Direction).
WorkSafe Tasmania monitors workplaces for compliance with COVID Safe Plans. Workplace inspections are conducted on a random basis in high risk workplaces. WorkSafe Tasmania has conducted 204 inspections since the requirement to use CIT was introduced on 1 May 2021. WorkSafe Tasmania reports that availability of contact tracing through CIT and other means is high.
Under s.169 of the Public Health Act 1997 an authorised officer, a police officer or a council may serve an infringement notice for non-compliance with the Direction. The applicable penalties for noncompliance are a fine of $774 for individuals and $5,117 for businesses.
Currently, the primary focus is on promotion of the use of CIT and provision of education and support for businesses and patrons subject to the Direction.
As we transition from an educative approach to a greater emphasis on compliance, the Department of Health is working with other agencies in relation to additional resources to conduct checks and issue infringement notices for non-compliance.

3. Since mid-March 2021, the Department of State Growth’s Small Business Unit has been providing businesses and organisations with educational support programs and advice, aimed at increasing state-wide uptake of CIT. This support includes providing personalised assistance and working one-on-one with those businesses in communities where digital literacy is low and poor connectivity are major barriers to active participation.
In April and May 2021, representatives from the Small Business Project team visited approximately 40 regional Tasmanian towns and cities, providing face-to-face support to mandated business. The total number of businesses visited to date is over 1000.
The Small Business Unit produced a number of documents and FAQs providing businesses and organisations with easy-to-understand resources explaining CITA and its related processes. These materials have been produced to appeal to a variety of audiences and with an emphasis on being easily understood by those with differing levels of digital capability and literacy.
Promotion included a statewide paid media campaign targeting patrons and businesses, with advertising via daily and community newspapers, television, buses, radio and social media. Online information about CIT was consolidated on the Coronavirus Website for ease of access, and additional instructional and promotional resources were provided.
A second phase of the promotional campaign is under development by the Public Information Unit in the COVID-19 Coordination Centre and Business Tasmania, as are additional resources to support businesses.
Additional resources and best practice industry specific videos and guides are being developed by the Small Business Unit to further support businesses to use CIT. Once completed these will be shared with businesses state wide.

4. Consideration of the extension of the Contact Tracing Direction to other premises is a matter for the Director of Public Health based on a detailed risk assessment.
I am aware that the Director of Public Health is currently reviewing the Direction to consider whether the scope of premises should be expanded.


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