Published: 16 October 2020

Legislative Council Thursday 15 October, 2020


With regard to the Heritage Tasmania and the Heritage Register:

1. Which Local Government Areas (LGA) have undertaken municipal heritage surveys with Heritage Tasmania; and
(a) for each LGA what year were they completed;

2. Which councils since the year 2000 have had funding provided by Heritage Tasmania to create and/or manage their own local heritage schedules;

3. What was the individual cost of each municipal heritage survey/assessment; and
(a) for each survey/assessment, which company provided the report;

4. How much did Heritage Tasmania and each LGA provide for each assessment report;

5. How many places were recommended by each municipal survey at state level for entry in the Tasmanian Heritage Register; and
(a) how many state recommendations were permanently entered in the Register;

6. How many local places or properties/assets noted were recommended in each report for entry in local heritage schedules; and
(a) how many were added to local heritage schedules by local government listed by LGA?


1. Six local planning authorities undertook jointly-funded municipal heritage surveys with financial support from the Tasmanian Heritage Council, namely Burnie, Glenorchy, Kingborough, Meander Valley, Southern Midlands, and Waratah/Wynyard.
Glenorchy completed its heritage survey in 2005; Kingborough and Meander Valley in 2006; Southern Midlands and Waratah/Wynyard in 2007; and Burnie in 2010.

2. Burnie, Glenorchy, Kingborough, Meander Valley, Southern Midlands, and Waratah/Wynyard Councils received funding under this fixed term initiative.

3. These heritage surveys were managed by the individual local planning authorities. I cannot confirm the amount they spent on this process, and therefore, cannot confirm the total cost of each survey project.

The surveys for the Southern Midlands, Waratah/Wynyard and Burnie were completed by GHD. Meander Valley’s survey was completed by Paul Davies; Glenorchy’s survey by Ian Terry, with assistance from Paul Davies; and Kingborough’s survey was completed by Anne McConnell, Mary Knaggs and Lindy Scripps.

4. I cannot confirm how much each local planning authority spent on this process. Grant funding was allocated to six local planning authorities to enable them to engage heritage consultants to conduct municipal heritage surveys. The amount allocated by Heritage Tasmania for these municipal heritage surveys was:

Burnie – $30 000;
Glenorchy - $9 500;
Kingborough – $30 000;
Meander Valley – $25 000;
Southern Midlands – $30 000;
Waratah/Wynyard – $25 000.

5/6. The final heritage survey reports note the following recommendations, in terms of the number of places of local or state historic cultural heritage significance:
Burnie – 285 places of local significance and 25 places of State significance;
Glenorchy – Approximately 90 local and 5 State places;
Kingborough – 224 local and 49 State places;
Meander Valley – 370 local and 223 State places;
Southern Midlands – 296 local and 250 State places;
Waratah/Wynyard – 201 local and 103 State places.
The implementation of these local municipal heritage surveys at a local level and the population of local historic heritage codes is a matter for the individual local planning authorities involved and is not something on which I can comment as Minister.
This work is now absorbed within the Tasmanian Heritage Council’s annual work plan.
These heritage surveys remain a useful resource that will enable the future and ongoing population of local historic heritage codes and the Heritage Register.


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