Published: 25 June 2020

Legislative Council Wednesday 24 June, 2020


With regard to the future of on campus learning at TasTAFE, it appears all learning has moved to online and distance delivery, with students unable to physically attend a campus unless invited to attend a timetabled small group session, to use a pre-booked computer or for assessment purposes;

1. Has the impact of this mode of delivery for an extended period of time been considered on students who do not have access to or who are not skilled in technology, have poor internet access or literacy skills;

2. What impacts if any have been considered in regard to how this mode of delivery and assessment may affect skilled workforce development as we our economy forward post COVID-19, and if so how will these impacts be addressed;

3. Have Workplace Safety concerns been addressed for students undertaking subjects such as forklift or chainsaw operation when the only time they can visit a campus is for assessment purposes with minimal face-to-face training or practice; and

4. When is on campus learning expected to recommence?


1. TasTAFE has always, and will continue to, provide support to all students who require it. Students using on-line and distance learning have continued to have access to teachers and support services by phone, email, and the internet.

2. Although the mode of delivery of training has changed TasTAFE will still deliver full qualifications, including any practical training, students have enrolled in.
There will be a positive impact on Tasmania’s skilled workforce development as TasTAFE’s students have further developed on-line skills necessary for a post COVID-19 future while obtaining their qualifications.

3. Workplace health and safety issues are addressed in course delivery, and have continued to be addressed during TasTAFE’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. TasTAFE re-opened its doors for practical training to small group sessions as soon as they were able, which was 11 May 2020.
Over 200 small groups are now at TasTAFE training facilities, with each delivery team ensuring a COVID Safety Plan has been agreed and is adhered too.
From the beginning of Semester 2 on 20 July 2020 more students will be back, libraries will be open and more services will resume, all operating under strict public health guidelines.


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