Published: 20 December 2019

Legislative Council Thursday 28 November 2019


I have another question I have not had an answer to.  Again, this question was sent on Sunday; I know Sunday is not a working day, but the intention was that it would be there first thing on Monday to start that process.  I will put the question on the record, knowing there is no answer for it either.

With regard to the roles and responsibility of Tasmanian Home Education Registration under the new education legislation -

(1)   How many children are registered under this scheme

(2)  How is the scheme monitored and by whom?

(3)  How long does it take for applicants to get approval to provide home education for their child or children?

(4)  During the period of assessment for approval to provide home education, does the child need to attend school, if this period is during a normal school year?

(5) If not approved for home education, how does the child/children transition back into the school system?

I ask this question now because this is the last sitting day, and with school going back before we are back in this place, these are really relevant questions.  I did my best to get these questions through to the Leader's office, as quickly as possible, so they had time to answer it so it is disappointing.

I understand a response was provided, but there was an error in it.  I ask the Leader:  will she provide it to me in writing  as soon as it is available?  Then we can ask and table it when parliament resumes in March.  This is an important issue leading up to the end of the school year in preparation for the next.


Mr President, I thank the member for Murchison for her question

With regards to your question to me as Leader, I cannot guarantee that.  I will have to ask the minister if that is possible.

I would like to refer to the reasons why, as they are the same as I referred to the member for Elwick.

Ms Forrest - Surely you can commit to providing that answer, if it is provided to you from the minister?

Mrs HISCUTT - I will have to get the minister's commitment.  I can certainly commit to ask the minister.


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