Published: 18 September 2019

Legislative Council Tuesday 17 September 2019


Mr President, before asking this question, I note a number of questions have been waiting for at least a week to get answers. I think they are not being treated as respectfully as perhaps they should be in this process of questions without notice.

Mrs Hiscutt - Health questions?

Ms FORREST - A number of others were sent through over a week ago.

On 30 October 2018, the Leader provided responses to questions regarding the John Duigan roll-on roll-off - ro-ro - shipping service operating from Geelong.

The Leader stated that GeelongPort was continuing to seek the required approvals from the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning for the construction of this facility, and that Bass Island Line - BIL - was pressing for a speedy resolution to this matter on behalf of its customers.

The Leader also stated that TasPorts sought a further update from GeelongPort on Monday, 29 October 2018 and was advised by GeelongPort that it is now close to finalising all approvals, and that once approved, it would take up to three months to build the ro-ro facility, during which time GeelongPort and BIL would work together to confirm the ongoing port user agreement.

(l) What has been the outcome of this process?

(2) If a ro-ro facility has not been, or is not going to be, built, what measures is BIL taking to access a suitable ro-ro facility in Victoria?

(3) What is the time frame for providing access to a suitable ro-ro facility in Victoria?


Mr President, I thank the member for Murchison for her question. Before I answer it, I advise the member that we are chasing up those outstanding questions.

(1) TasPorts has been in ongoing discussions with GeelongPort regarding roll-on roll-off infrastructure for Bass Island Line's service since 2018. GeelongPort provided TasPorts with a formal proposal for a ro-ro facility to service Bass Island Line in December 2018. TasPorts deemed the proposal unviable based on the commercial terms GeelongPort was seeking at that time.

Alongside this, in late 2018 TasPorts commenced a market sounding exercise to identify a viable solution to improve independently the Bass Island Line service. Current and potential operators were invited to submit proposals to participate in the delivery of Bass Island Line.

In July 2019, TasPorts advised that this process confirmed that TasPorts was best suited to continue to own and operate BIL for the long term. During this time, BIL has continued to use the lift-on lift-off - lo-lo - infrastructure at Geelong Port, which is sufficiently meeting operational needs.

(2) With a longer-term commitment to run the service, Bass Island Line is now actively exploring a number of suitable and commercially viable ro-ro options in Victoria, including at the Geelong Port.

(3) As Bass Island Line is in active negotiations, a formal time line cannot be determined; however, Bass Island Line remains committed to providing ro-ro service for customers.


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