Published: 17 July 2018

 Legislative Council Tuesday 10 July, 2018


Regarding the funding to upgrade and remodel the antenatal clinic in Burnie - 

(1)  What matters will be consulted on and what consultation process will be undertaken?

(2)  Who will be consulted?

(3)  How will members of the public and/or midwives utilising this service be able to engage in consultation?

(4)  What is the time frame for consultation? 

(5)  What are the desired outcomes relating to the location and services provided through the antenatal care period for north-west women?

(6) What outreach services will be provided as part of this service?


Mr President, I thank the member for Murchison for her question.

With regard to the $2.1 million purpose-built antenatal clinic at the North West Regional Hospital and broader maternity services across the north-west coast, I speak for all of us when I say we are so very proud and grateful for the contribution of the nurses and midwives who continue to serve the women, families and communities of the north-west.

These groups are exactly why the Government took this promise to the election - to deliver a better facility as part of the integrated north-west birthing service.

This state-of-the-art facility will better support mums, babies and the dedicated staff who operate the service.

(1) to (6)

As per the election commitment, we will closely work with the staff to locate the best site and to design for the facility, which is expected to be complete by mid 2020. Appointing a consulting architect is the next milestone of this project and once this is completed, there will be an appropriate consultation process, including with clinicians, nurses and midwives. 

Discussions about exactly how the public can contribute to this process will be undertaken once the consulting architect has been appointed. There will be no changes to the current model of care provided. The new facility will provide an environment that is conducive to the natural growth of the service, including midwifery group practice; an extended midwifery service, including lactation support; and counselling and support services.

The new facility will enhance the current ability to provide services for all aspects of antenatal and postnatal support, including increased space for assessment services, which will include an early pregnancy assessment service for women with bleeding or other problems associated with early pregnancy issues. Improvements to office space, consulting rooms and waiting rooms, as well as educational and meeting rooms, will enable all midwifery and obstetrics staff to ensure they are supported to work within up to-date, evidence-based standards. The project team will include midwifery and obstetrics staff, and consumers.


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