Published: 20 September 2021

UNIVERSITY can be a daunting place. Historically universities were large formidable buildings full of academics and students with no doubt about their pathway in life through the gaining of a university degree.

For those who have no previous or family experience of university it can appear as an elitist and exclusive place where some may not feel welcome. Thankfully, time has moved on and universities have changed.

On a recent tour of our new UTAS Cradle Coast Campus (CCC) I was impressed to find rather than large daunting lecture theatres, learning spaces that are open, light and welcoming. There's a coffee shop open offering a great range of healthy foods and drinks and even more importantly, very welcoming, engaging and friendly staff.

The health precinct where nursing degrees are gained is nation leading, causing me to reflect on my own hospital training days where we spent six weeks in Preliminary Training School (PTS) as a 16-year-old, before getting out on the wards and 'doing stuff to patients'.

The education and training received was effective, but the opportunity now to complete a nursing degree here on the North-West Coast is second to none in the state, with state of the art equipment and learning experiences that prepare students for the real world.

With demand for nurses, psychologists and social workers growing, these degrees are offered entirely in Burnie and accessible to school leavers and mature age students alike. Hopefully creating health professionals likely to remain in the region.

Students aspiring to be teachers can also complete their degree in Burnie and many other degrees including law and engineering can now be commenced in Burnie. Education is a vital key to life, success, health and wellbeing.

For young and not-so-young North-West Coasters, opportunities abound to upgrade your skills and knowledge, enhance employment opportunities, make a career change or stimulate your brain.

If you haven't visited, call in.

The campus is a welcoming facility providing our region with great educational opportunities and choice.

The Advocate, Monday 20 September 2021

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