Published: 21 May 2019

My vision sees a Tasmania that is inclusive, safe, productive and vibrant where all Tasmanians are prosperous across happiness, wellbeing and financial measures. We value, protect and respect our natural environment for current and future generations and care for our land, sea and air as we share in and benefit from these precious assets.

For this vision to be achieved, with all Tasmanians able to share in the benefits living in this state provides, we will value education as the key to success.

We will create a thriving Tasmania evidenced by the provision of safe affordable housing for all, the elimination of poverty, equity of access to quality food and water with gainfully employed and productive people, supporting local businesses, fostering community cohesion.

This is what a vision looks like. The action plan to give effect to it must reference this vision as it is promoted and shared across the political landscape with a much greater tolerance and respect for different opinions than is currently exhibited.

A long term, outcomes focussed plan is fundamental to our success and particularly crucial in the important areas of education, health and well-being, and infrastructure.

The plan must be directly linked to the stated vision. Funding plans are integral and need to be less reliant on the vagaries of the economy and election cycles.

Evidence of our broken federal system is plain for all to see at election time. Direct grants from the Australian government to community organisations are being used to win favour and "buy" seats. Most other specific promises will affect future GST distributions.

We shouldn't be pitting Tasmanians against each other. We need all sectors of our community to work together to create the best place in Australia to live, work and play if we are to deliver this shared vision.

It is disappointing the work of the Tasmania Together project, a visionary project delivered under former premier the late Jim Bacon and very unfortunately abolished in 2012, is not better utilised to develop and guide this vision.

We can, and should, demand a clearly articulated vision and outcomes focused plan to achieve this.

The Advocate May 20, 2019


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