Published: 11 April 2024

Members of the community may wish to understand the nature of the agreement signed between the three newly elected members of the Jacquie Lambie Network (JLN) and the Premier.  For those of you who are interested in reading the agreement it can be viewed here:

Confidence and Stability Agreement

I have some serious concerns regarding a number of points in the agreement, and the ability of the members of the JLN to effectively participate in the work of Parliament to ensure the transparency and accountability of the government and Ministers.

The Agreement effectively prevents them from making independent decisions on matters that may arise at short notice, including the Government's intention to seek to limit debate, fast-track legislation through the House of Assembly, or even extend question time or suspend debate to deal with an urgent matter brought up by other MPs. These provisions in the agreement impose real limitations that will severely limit their capacity to represent the people who elected them.

I urge them to get advice from those expert in Parliamentary process and procedure and reconsider a number of these provisions as a matter of urgency.

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