Published: 15 June 2020

Legilative Council Wednesday 3 June, 2020

Mr President, I had intended to make this contribution earlier this year or even late last year but missed the opportunity. Since then, the lives and livelihoods of so many people have been turned upside down, none more so than the many in small-to-medium businesses and those employed in those businesses.

We all know these businesses drive the economy in many regions in Tasmania. They employ people of all ages, often providing the first opportunity for employment of young people in our regions and they boost the local economy in a number of ways. These businesses also often use local suppliers to support their business, adding value and benefit to the whole region.

These businesses have all taken a major hit during the COVID-19 pandemic and many will continue to find things very tough during this challenging period. I acknowledge the challenges they face and I will continue to work with and support them as we recover economically from COVID-19.

My contribution today acknowledges longstanding small and medium businesses in Circular Head, one of the state's most cohesive and supportive communities. Many small and medium local business owners have been in operation for a very long time, contributing to the community by way of employing locals, generating wealth and supporting the local economy and community. I would like to recognise these businesses for being part of the Circular Head community for so long.

I will start with 12 businesses that have operated in Circular Head for 50 years or longer, noting the length of time they have been in business and the current business owners.

• Britton Timbers - 110 years -Sean and Ross Britton
• Clarkson Sports and Cycles - 97 years - Luke Howard
• King Bros. - 67 years - Ian King
• Kingston Bros Engineering - 67 years - Trevor and Dale Kingston
• Poke Menswear - 66 years - David Poke
• Blue Hills Honey - 64 years - Robbie and Nicola Charles
• Circular Head Dolomite and Trading Co - 61 years - the Ralston Family.
• WT House - 60 years - Elaine and Ian Walters
• Wells Waggons - 55 years
• Hursey Seafoods Pty Ltd - 51 years - Mark, Jim and Valerie Hursey
• Marthick's Welding Works- 50 years - Donny Marthick
• Tasmanian Seafoods Pty Ltd - 50 years - Alan Hanson

Eight businesses have operated in Circular Head for at least 15 and up to 41 years, and they are -

• Kays Service Station and Top Shotgun and Ammo - 41 years - Lloyd and Beverly Kay
• Wells Wragg Pharmacy - 40 years - Gerald Kay
• Cignall - 26 years - Leo and Dianne Berechree
• The Mod Shoe Centre - 25 years - Ian King, Lynette and Gary Cure
• The Duck Inn - 19 years -Patricia Barnes
• Smithton Plant Nursery - 17 years - Jenny and Leyton Poke
• Smithton Sports - 16 years -Sally Elliot
• E-FX Haircutters - 15 years -Cindy Bishop.

This is a total of 1012 years of experience in our local community. It is impossible to estimate how many employees have been through the doors of these businesses and how much value these businesses have collectively brought to Circular Head, but I am sure we all agree it would be significant.

I commend these businesses, their owners and employees for their dedication to the Circular Head community and wish to thank them for their contribution to the community and the economy of Circular Head. I wish them all ongoing success and longevity, especially in these extraordinary and extremely challenging times.

It is a pleasure to visit these businesses; I am really glad to think restrictions are starting lift now, which will help them to actually get back into business. I commend their work and their contribution.


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