Published: 23 September 2021

Legislative Council, Wednesday 22 September 2021


1. Is there a closer COVID testing option for Circular Head residents who are in home quarantine; and

a. If so;
i. where is it; and
ii. why are people not informed of this?

b. If not, why are no toilet facilities provided at the testing sites for people who may need these facilities when they are required to remain in their vehicle for up to three hours and may have required medical treatment making ready access to such facilities necessary in a timely manner;

2. Why do people complying with the requirement need to wear masks for the entire journey when they are the only ones in their vehicle; and

3. Can the coronavirus website be updated and call centre staff updated to make it is clear the Burnie testing facility is open 7 days a week?


1 a. i) The Ochre Medical Centre in Smithton undertakes COVID-19 testing.
ii) The Tasmanian Government Coronavirus website outlines options for COVID 19 testing including that testing may also be available from your GP.

2 When travelling to get tested it is important to wear a face mask to protect others, including those also travelling in the car or who might subsequently do so.

3 The Coronavirus website has been updated to include the information requested.

Ms FORREST - A supplementary question to that answer, you gave a very high-level broad answer there in terms of - allegedly there are other options for testing. These people particularly were not informed of those and thus had to travel to Burnie. That is the only option they were given and they were the only two people in the car and they were both quarantining together because they had both travelled to Melbourne for essential treatment and had come back again.

That does not really answer that question either but maybe I can resubmit this whole question again and get another - except for the last one where the coronavirus website has been updated.

Ms HISCUTT - Maybe that might be a good starting place for the member. Check the website first because I reckon it is all there. Thank you.

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