Published: 24 March 2021


I asked this question some time ago in relation to the Waratah Reservoir. Two of the four questions were not answered. I will ask those two questions.r

With regard to questions and responses I have previously received in relation to Waratah Reservoir, I asked the question:

(2) TasWater commissioned Nic Haygarth to provide a report on the historical/cultural significance of the reservoir. Why was this not publicly available? Will TasWater release the report to the community?

That question was not answered in any format.

(3) TasWater has publicly announced it has withdrawn the expression of interest (EOI) for remediation of the Waratah Reservoir because of a lack of interest by the potential proponent. As a result, it will decommission the dam. I have been informed that a proponent still wishes to proceed with their proposal. Please provide the written communication between TasWater and the proponent which indicated the proponent does not wish to proceed with their proposal.

Please provide the written communication between TasWater and the proponent, which indicated the proponent did not wish to proceed.


Mr President, I thank the member for Murchison for her question.

(2) I am advised that TasWater did not commission Nic Haygarth to provide a report on the historical and cultural significance of the reservoir. TasWater engaged a consultant (Entura) to provide an environmental impact assessment on the Waratah Dam.

As part of the consultant's research, Mr Haygarth provided the consultant with details of the reservoir's historical and cultural significance, as did several residents in the community. This content is contained within the environmental impact assessment, which is publicly available on the TasWater website. There is a website spot here; I am sure the member can find it. Do you want me to read it out?

Ms Forrest - No.

Mrs HISCUTT - The answer to the next question:

(3) I am advised that at no time did TasWater state the proponent withdrew their application due to the lack of interest. TasWater worked closely with the proponent over an extended period of time; however, despite the best efforts of all parties, a viable outcome could not be achieved.

The expression of interest process is commercial in confidence; therefore, we are unable to comment or provide the written communications between both parties.


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