Published: 11 December 2020

Legislative Council Thursday 10 December, 2020


With regard to the Waratah Reservoir, I am informed that TasWater has sought permission from DPIPWE to decommission the Waratah Reservoir during the week of 8th of December. Please provide full details regarding:

1. The contents of this application;

TasWater Response:

TasWater has recently submitted a Dam Works Permit application to the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) to decommission the dam.

For a permit to be granted DPIPWE needs to first assess the application. The process of assessing an application is detailed in DPIPWE’s guideline “Obtaining a Division 3 Dam Works Permit”.

The contents of TasWater’s application is in accordance with DPIPWE’s Application to undertake Dam Works, (Division 3 Permit), (Removal of Dams). The criteria is summarised below:

• A Consequence Category Assessment of the proposed dam works satisfying the requirements of the Water Management (Safety of Dams) Regulations 2015.
• A dam works site plan in accordance with the Division 3 Permit Dam Works Code 2015
• If the dam is over 10 m in maximum height or classified as a ‘Low’ or above Consequence Category, a Preconstruction Investigation and Design Report undertaken in accordance with the Department’s Guidelines for Preconstruction Reports and satisfying the requirements of the Water Management (Safety of Dams) Regulations 2015.
• If ‘Potential for Loss of Life in the event of dam failure’ has been identified by the Consequence Category
• Assessment, a Dam Safety Emergency Management Plan in accordance with the Department’s Guidelines for Dam Safety Emergency Plans.
• A report detailing how the current dam’s material will be managed to avoid significant adverse impacts on water quality and downstream water users; natural values; and public or private assets
• A report detailing how the existing infrastructure and site conditions will be managed to accommodate dam removal works, including:
• management of water in the existing dam, or likely to flow into the dam during dam works
• management of silt in the existing dam
• how the site will be rehabilitated and its on-going management
• A full copy of title including details on any restrictions, easements, covenants or Part 5 Agreements (Section 71 of LUPAA) on the title.
• Photographs of the full extent of the location of the proposed dam works.

2. Details as to when the 2-week public input period commence/finish;

TasWater response:

DPIPWE will advertise for public comment. The timeframe for lodging a representation under Water Management Act 1999 (145) subsection (2)(d) is to be a period of not less than 14 days commencing on the day notice of the application is published in a local newspaper under subsection (1)(a).

3. When TasWater proposes to commence the decommissioning.

TasWater response:

Should TasWater receive approval to remove the dam, the process to commence decommissioning work could commence in mid-late March 2021.


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