Published: 24 June 2020

Legislative Council Wednesday 24 June, 2020


In answer to previous questions I asked regarding the promotion of gender equality in the State Service I was provided with extensive answers related to work being done to support the advancement of women in the workplace. I commend these actions.

With regard to the promotion of gender equality throughout the State Service I note the previous answer advising of a range of specific gender equality related activities as part of broader Diversity and Inclusion programs;

1. Has a gender sensitive/gender equality audit been conducted;

    a. If so, when and are the results available; and
    b. If not, will such an audit be considered in the near future?

2. Have any specific programs been provided to enhance awareness of gender equality for men?

3. What specific activities have been undertaken by men in the State service?
    a. How many men have engaged with the activities and programs?


Question 1
A gender equality audit has not been conducted across the State Service and there are no plans to undertake one in the near future. As stated in my earlier response, departments have and will continue to undertake a range of specific gender equality related activities.

Questions 2 & 3
In relation to programs provided to enhance awareness of gender equality, several have engaged both men and women. Some examples are:
• White Ribbon Accreditation program - considerable investment was made across departments that participated in the program, which incorporated a strong gender equality focus. Each department ran training, communication and educational campaigns around gender equality.
• Training and coaching in diversity and inclusive leadership has targeted Heads of Departments and deputy secretaries across all departments.
• A range of departmental activities are undertaken - an example provided in my earlier response was the Department of Justice led program ‘Understanding biases in decision making’ which involved a compulsory four hour, face to face training for all managers, team leaders and recruiters (approximately 200 employees).

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