Published: 03 June 2020

Legislative Council Wednesday 3 June, 2020

Mrs HISCUTT (Montgomery - Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council) - Mr President, during the last sitting, the member for Murchison asked four questions and I would like to take this opportunity to read the answers to those questions into Hansard.

The answer to this question by the member for Murchison is as follows -

(1) to (3)

I am advised that remedial deep tissue massage is not restricted as a service and can be provided under the Gatherings - No. 9 direction. What is restricted are the premises from which therapists can provide them.

Remedial massage services can be delivered from non-restricted premises such as health or medical facilities. Restricted premises such as gymnasiums, health clubs, fitness centres, wellness centres and other similar premises or venues are not permitted to open or operate under the Gatherings - No. 9 directions, except in limited circumstances for physical rehabilitation services under the direction of a registered health practitioner or an accredited exercise physiologist. Myotherapists may continue to practice in Tasmania provided that the service constitutes healthcare services and can be delivered from an appropriate facility.

Restrictions on massage services are due to be eased as part of stage 2 on 15 June as outlined in the Roadmap to Recovery, subject to Public Health advice -

Members should bear in mind that this advice was delivered two weeks ago -

Ms Forrest - Less than that, but it was asked over a month ago. It has been a bit of a pain with people not being able to get their massages.

Mrs HISCUTT - It was before the restrictions were recently eased. That was true at the time it was written.

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