Published: 19 August 2015



With regard to the TTLine Company Pty Ltd Members' Statement of Expectations Section 3.1:

(a)   Is there an allocation for passengers and freight?  If so, what is the allocation ratio, is there any intention to review this allocation, and how will this be undertaken?

(b)  Does the TTLine Company Pty Ltd provide preferential treatment to Tasmanian residents intending to use the Spirit of Tasmania Bass Strait ferries, compared to freight services?  If not, why not?

This is not on the question that she is answering, but the question I asked yesterday about the time frame for the review of the Statement of Expectations, which she may have an answer to as well.



Mr President, I thank the honourable member for Murchison for her question.  I do not have an answer to the second one you asked yesterday, but I do have an answer to this one.

TTLine advises the following:  as below-deck space is fixed, TTLine is only able to increase capacity or volume in absolute numbers by increasing the number of sailings or adding additional capacity.  In relative values, the lane metres utilised between passenger vehicles and freight has remained steady at approximately 65 per cent for passengers and 35 per cent for freight since 200607.  Both segments, passenger and freight, contribute to improving the wellbeing of Tasmanians and the economy of Tasmania.

Historically, during the months of May, June and July, the Spirit of Tasmania experiences high volumes of passengers sailing with over-height vehicles - caravans and motor homes - departing from Devonport, as many Tasmanians leave the state with caravans in tow in search of warmer weather.  The demand is only for over-height vehicles and pension fares and only the one direction, Devonport to Melbourne.  From Melbourne, it is extremely busy in September, October and November, as many Tasmanians return to the state after spending the winter months away.


Commencing this year, the Spirit of Tasmania will be increasing the number of day sailings occurring each year, which will increase sailing availability for passengers and increase available lane metres for all vehicles.

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