Published: 27 May 2015



[2.38 p.m.]

With regard to the services provided by Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc, which the Australian and state governments jointly fund, the states funding people with a disability under the age of 65 years and the Commonwealth funding those over the age of 65 -


(1) What is the current funding allocation made by the Australian Government and state governments in dollar and percentage terms?


(2)  Are there any plans to increase the funding for the services provided by the Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc for people with disabilities in the under 65 age group, and if so, for what, for what amount and for what services; and if not, why not?


(3)  If services currently utilised by people with a disability under 65 years of age become unavailable or are not funded between now and when the funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme is introduced for these individuals, what services will be provided to those who currently access and rely on this service?




Mr President, I thank the member for Murchison for her question.


(1)  The Tasmanian Home and Community Care Program comprises 16 per cent of total HACC community transport funding for Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc.  The current funding allocations to Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc are:  Australian Government HACC Program, $2 356 755, GST-exclusive; and Tasmanian HACC Program, $377 093, GST-exclusive.


(2)  There is no planned change to funding for Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc for people with disabilities in the under 65 age group.  There are no current plans to provide changes to recurrent funding to the Tasmanian HACC Program as a whole.


       The program's client base is currently under review, to ascertain reasons for the younger client group accessing HACC services and what their needs are for the future.


(3)  Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc provides a statewide service and is the largest single provider of Tasmanian HACC transport services.  It receives 43 per cent of total Tasmanian HACC community transport funding and provides just under 30 per cent of funded trips for Tasmanian HACC Program clients.


       This organisation is one of 32 providers funded across the state to provide Tasmanian HACC‑funded community transport.  The remainder carry 70 per cent of the volumes, although some of these are to specific locations and activities.


       Community Transport Services Tasmania Inc can refer clients for whom it is unable to provide services to these other providers. Currently the Tasmanian Access Point does not have any clients waitlisted for community transport services for either the Tasmanian or Commonwealth HACC Program.


       In addition there are travel concessions and increasing compliance with the Commonwealth's Disability Standards for accessible mainstream public transport.


       Should issues arise, the Tasmanian Government will discuss efficient ways of managing them with the Australian Government, as it is the largest HACC community transport funder.


Ms Forrest - On an individual basis?


Dr GOODWIN - I will have to take that as a supplementary question.




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