Published: 09 August 2019

 Legislative Council Thursday 8, 2019


(1) With regard to the section of the Bass Highway west of Boat Harbour to Smithton, and particularly the overtaking lanes through Sisters Hills, is the Government aware that this section of road, which has a high volume of heavy traffic, has become very dangerous, especially in wet weather? The road-marking lines are barely visible. 

(2)  Are repairs and maintenance to the Sisters Hill section of the highway scheduled in the near future? If so, what is the time frame for these repairs?

(3) Are other sections of the Bass Highway west of Wynyard scheduled for repairs or maintenance? If so, what is the works program/schedule?


Mr President, I thank the member for Murchison for her question. 

(1) Line-marking work has started on sections of the Bass Highway between Boat Harbour and Smithton. It will include the overtaking lanes through Sisters Hills. This work will be completed in early October 2019, depending on the weather.

(2) Road surface maintenance is scheduled for the Bass Highway through Sisters Hills as part of the 2019-20 summer program of works. 

(3) Other sections and multiple smaller sites of the Bass Highway west of Wynyard have been identified and scheduled for repair work, including resurfacing. 

A corridor strategy for improving the safety and efficiency of the Bass Highway between Wynyard and Marrawah is being developed by the Department of State Growth. The department sought feedback from the community about its concerns and suggestions for this section of the Bass Highway. This feedback will inform the corridor strategy, together with the information about the current road condition and the growth in the agricultural, forestry and tourism industries using the road. 

The strategy will help plan improvements and upgrades and prioritise them for funding. The department will continue to consult with the community and key stakeholders throughout the project.

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