Published: 22 May 2019

Legislative Council Tuesday 21 May,2019


Regarding the Granville Harbour Wind Farm that is soon to commence construction -

(1) Did either the state Government or the federal government provide any financial support, either directly or indirectly, to this project? 

(2) If so - 

(a) How much was provided by each level of government?

(b) Were any conditions attached to the financial support regarding employment of Tasmanian workers on the project build?


Mr President, I thank the member for Murchison for her question. The member has been busy.

(1) Financial support, if any, provided by the Australian Government is a matter between the Australian Government and the proponents of the Granville Harbour Wind Farm. 

The Government directed Hydro Tasmania to enter into a power purchase agreement with West Coast Wind to facilitate the construction of the Granville Harbour Wind Farm. In effect the Government has underwritten a portion of the LGCs which may result in a cost to Hydro Tasmania depending on the future movement of LCG prices. 

Details of the direction are included in the Hydro Tasmania 2018 annual report. 

The power purchase agreement does not take effect until the wind farm is operational. Once the wind farm becomes operational, the financial impact to Hydro Tasmania, if any, will be reported in its future annual reports. 

In addition, a number of bridge-strengthening projects along the transport corridor between Burnie and Granville Harbour were undertaken at a total approximate cost of $2 million, part-funded by the proponent. 

While the need was primarily due to the Granville Harbour Wind Farm project, there were also benefits to the state in undertaking the works through an overall increase in transport productivity for the north-west.

A deed of agreement with the proponent was entered into whereby the proponent made a contribution of $400 000 towards the cost of the works. 

Australian Government Roads of Strategic Importance funding of $1.46 million was also utilised towards the cost of the works.

The bridge strengthenings were -

B4833, Murchison Highway, Farm Creek Bridge

B2861, Zeehan Highway, Dundas Rivulet Bridge

B3816, Zeehan Highway, Leslie Station Creek Bridge

B4681, Zeehan Highway, Leslie Station Creek Bridge

B5736, Heemskirk TR, Piney Creek Bridge. 

(2) There were conditions in regard to the employment of Tasmanian workers.

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