Published: 29 May 2018

Legislative Council Wednesday 23 May 2018

John Duigan Sailing Schedule

Port of Grassy - Fertiliser Shed and Operating Hours


(1)  With regard to the King Island shipping service provided by Bass Island Line, since the commencement of the John Duigan -

(a)    What was the proposed schedule of sailings, including docking times to date?

(b)    What was the actual schedule of sailings, including docking times to date?

(c)    Of the delayed or cancelled scheduled services, what was the reason for the delay or cancellation?

(d)    How were the delays or cancellations communicated to King Island residents?

(e)    Where did each service dock on the Tasmanian mainland?

(2)  What progress, if any, has been made on replacing the condemned fertiliser shed currently situated at the Port of Grassy?

(3)  In view of the shorter hours of daylight as winter approaches and the recent announcement that the port operating hours have been restricted to daylight hours due to inadequate lighting and insufficient staff, what measures will be taken to ensure port access is maintained when shipping services are delayed due to inclement weather or other delays to avoid delays to unloading and loading of livestock and other goods?


Mr President, I thank the member for Murchison for her questions.

(1)  The John Duigan is operating a weekly schedule, departing Geelong on Sunday, departing Grassy on Monday and departing Bell Bay on Wednesday for Geelong.

During its first full week of service from Geelong, the John Duigan needed to accommodate a community event and official naming ceremony at the Port of Grassy on Friday, 18 May, which required an adjustment to the schedule.  Alterations to the schedule are always communicated in a timely manner via email.  John Duigan is now operating as per the schedule, departing Geelong on Sunday, 20 May and Grassy on Monday, 21 May.  Bell Bay is the mainland Tasmanian port for service start-up.

(2)  The fertiliser storage shed at Grassy is planned for demolition in the second half of this year.  The market has made alternative arrangements in relation to distributing fertiliser directly to customers.

(3)  The Port of Grassy has always been a day port, operating during daylight hours.  Historically, some operators have sought dispensation to navigate into and out of the port at night.

Following a recent review of the port, the TasPorts harbour master removed the option for vessels over 35 metres to apply for an exemption for night navigation on safety grounds.  These shippers need to ensure they arrive at or depart from the Port of Grassy during daylight hours.

In his recent updates of operating parameters, the harbour master made it clear that vessels can be loaded or unloaded outside daylight hours by prior arrangement with landside stevedores.

To access this option, vessel masters or owners should contact the port operations coordinator with details about the cargo task, which will then be risk-assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The lighting and staffing levels are adequate and appropriate for the Port of Grassy to operate effectively as a day port and for landside work at night by prior agreement.


John Duigan Sailing Schedule


Mr President, question (1) was not answered.  We have seen this with other members when they have to say, 'Well, the question was ...'.  I encourage the Leader, when she gets a question provided to her, to actually check the answer provided.  My questions were very specific:  What was the proposed schedule and when did the ships actually dock?  Were there any delays?  If there were, what were the causes of them?  Those questions have not been answered.  I will resend question (1).  The other two questions were answered very well, thank you.  The first was almost completely ignored.


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