Published: 09 November 2023

Legislative Council, Thursday 9 November 2023


Regarding ambulance services and paramedic staffing in Smithton, Circular Head, noting there has been a review of ambulance services demand across the State to determine the number of paramedics and nature of services in each town – that is volunteer only, single branch, double branch stations.

1. Has the review been completed:
a. If not, when is this expected;
b. If so, have any changes been recommended to North West and West Coast (including King Island) ambulance services regarding station size and number of paramedics;

2. How many vacant paramedic positions are there in Circular Head, Smithton station.

3. What other measures is Ambulance Tasmania considering which could allow their volunteers to better deliver emergency care to the Circular Head community; and

4. Will consideration be given to the provision of another vehicle to support the current ambulance and 4WD vehicle to enable more rapid responses by volunteers when other vehicles are being utilised?


1. In line with the Liberal Government’s election commitment, the review into ambulance service demand across the State has now been completed. The report was released by Premier Rockliff, as Minister for Health during the Budget Estimates hearings in the House of Assembly on 5 June 2023, and the Legislative Council on 6 June 2023.

A comprehensive consultation process has been underway with the workforce, including volunteers and the Health & Community Services Union. This process, alongside the ORH modelling has contributed to the Ambulance Tasmania 10-Year Masterplan that is currently being finalised.

2. There are currently no vacant paramedic positions at Smithton Ambulance Station.

3. Ambulance Tasmania supports its Volunteer Ambulance Officers to be well trained and supported to confidently provide emergency care interventions to people within their communities and has reviewed the volunteer induction program and curriculum to ensure volunteers are provided with contemporary initial and ongoing training.

In the last 12 months, Ambulance Tasmania has actively recruited volunteers to the Smithton Ambulance Station, with nine active volunteers.

4. Ambulance Tasmania manages its fleet to meet operational demand. Where the potential need for additional vehicles at stations are identified, this is assessed and addressed as required.

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