Published: 01 November 2016

1 Nov 2016,The Advocate  by Patrick Fahey


A commemoration ceremony honouring providers of land for the construction of the Riana Area School and recreational surrounds took place at the Riana Community Centre on Saturday, October 22. 

The provision of the land was made by Harry Emmerton, Horace Brown, Perc Corbett and the Riana Recreation Ground Committee in 1946 for the benefit of the construction of the Riana Area School in 1954.



Harry Emmerton is related to the Emmerton family that continue to reside in the area and was once the keeper of the Riana General Store. 

He donated a considerable parcel of land south and east of the main building. He later returned to Smithton and co-founded Emmerton Park Aged Care Facility.

Perc Corbett was described as very community minded and raised his family in Riana and was Horace's  brother in-law. 

His closest siblings currently reside in the Ulverstone area.

Horace Brown was a long serving farmer of the area, who raised a large family of which a grandson, great and great-great grandsons continue to reside in the area today.

Many of those relatives were part of the crowd that gathered for the ceremony. 

Mollie Corbett, who is the great-great-granddaughter of Perc Corbett, recited the Acknowledgement of Country, while pupils from Riana Primary School performed the national anthem.


Murchison MLC Ruth Forrest was also in attendance and gave some historical background to the project.

She also recognised the efforts of the women of those commemorated during what were difficult economic times after World War II. 

Ms Forrest then presented the area by unveiling the commemorative plaque. 


Afternoon tea was provided by Annette Langham and the Riana Community Centre ladies committee and enjoyed by all. A commemoration plaque was also unveiled on the day. 

The man behind the commemoration project, Kevin Brown, thanked the many members of the Riana Community as well as the Brown, Corbett and Emmerton families for their attendance. 

Mr Brown also thanked any others who had assisted with the project, including the support he received from his wife Isabelle. 

Penguin History Group president Craig Dunham and his wife Karen were also acknowledged by Mr Brown. 

“This is a part of Riana history, worthy of recognition, secured for future generations,”   Mr Brown said. 


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