Published: 18 September 2023

In October, the Cam River Bridge was reduced to one lane due to flood damage and the lane closure caused significant delays over several days.

Members of the public, have recently noticed a dip in the bridge to be more pronounced.

The space between the sections of the bridge seems wider to the naked eye.The last thing you want is for it to give way without it having any work done to it.

"There is a lot of heavy traffic and regular commuters who use that bridge multiple times a day and I was interested to see if it was being fully monitored, and I asked some questions of the Government. 

You can view those questions and the Government's response here:

The answer acknowledges it has moved but for me, I want to know what is the level of tolerance to ensure the safety of the bridge

I will be following up with more questions when the Legislative Council next sits.

You can read my comments in full in The Advocate, Monday 18 September 2023







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