Published: 01 August 2018

 ANOTHER Tasmanian MP has called for an inquiry into Cricket Australia’s sacking of a manager over her tweets on abortion.

Murchison Independent MLC Ruth Forrest said there was evidence that the government had been involved in the sacking of Angela Williamson.

“She was trolled on social media and she raised this privately with the government and was sacked,” Ms Forerst said.

“There are suggestions that the government communicated with Cricket Australia and the nature and result of that should be investigated.

“Ms Williamson is a brave, smart articulate woman and her personal and work life should be separate”

Ms Forrest said Ms Williamson’s abortion comments had nothing to with cricket. Labor has also called for an investigation.

Premier Will Hodgman said he had investigated the matter.

“No-one in my government ... sought to influence employment decisions of

Cricket Tasmania or Cricket Australia with respect to Ms Williamson in any way whatsoever,” he said.

Ms Williamson, 39, the mother of three children said she was shocked when she was sacked by Cricket Australia on June 29.

“I wasn’t quite sure why there was an issue with me stating my political opinion and my experience,” she said.

“I was told that in coming to their decision, looking into the tweet and impact,that conversations did take place between my employer and senior people in the Tasmanian government, including that I’d had a surgical termination. 

“You shouldn’t terminate a position based on political opinion.”

Ms Williamson, a former member of the Liberal Party and adviser to Mr Hodgman, joined Cricket Australia in December 2016 as its government relations manager.

In a Facebook post directed to the Liberal Party after the election Ms Williamson said: “And you f---ked over a former staff member and so called friend. FACT. Good on you! Pat yourselves on the back.”

Despite being dismissed Angela Williamson is still lobbying for accessible abortions for Tasmanian women.

Ms Williamson said she was angry, upset and disappointed with the government’s comments.

Ms Williamson spent five days alone in Melbourne after her termination and $4,500 and has started an online petition seeking accessible abortions which has nearly 25,000 signatures.

“I’m speaking publicly now, waiving my privacy, because nobody should have to go through what I went through to access a legal health procedure,” she said.

“This is a fight for women right around Australia forced to spend hundreds of dollars they don’t have on a legal abortion.” 


Advocate 1 August 2018

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